Such is Life

I never really thought of wanting to travel around the Philippines until recently. Maybe because as a local, you feel that there is much more to see outside of your country than anywhere here. But when you force yourself to travel around your own country first even though it’s kind of uncalled for, you’ll be surprised by what you discover. And may be glad you ever did. 

For this post, I will share with you my recent travel to Iloilo, geographically known to be in the heart of the Philippines located at the Western Visayas portion. To be honest, I really didn’t have much expectations from this province because little is known about it compared to its popular neighboring provinces like Cebu, Boracay, or Palawan. I kept an open mind, however, and I was excited–like any other travel explorer, about what I’m about to learn from this not-so-little province after all. 


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