It all started with a photo posted on Discover Panay Island (DPI) Facebook group.

Soon Ilonggo netizens got interested with a treasure find – a man creatively converting old tires into beautifully designed chairs and tables.


His initiative is an artistic and classic example of 3R’s – Reduce, Re-use and Recycle which creates ecologically-friendly and environmentally-sound best practice in converting old tires into useful furniture set.


Roger Esmaña of Brgy. Cagbang, Oton town in Iloilo shares his creative talents which not just serves as a source of livelihood but certainly creates a great impact to the environment and people’s health.


A health-conscious endeavor, it also prevents old tires usually left abandoned to become breeding places of dengue-carrying mosquitoes.


Roger creates beautifully designed chairs and tables out of old tires, thus helping his some of his neighbors providing them a source of livelihood.


By upcycling used tires that otherwise would have only added to the waste materials accumulated all over the town, his project also has a positive impact to the environment.


His is just one of the social good deeds in the community that were showcased in meetups all over the country organized by Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and various partners to drum up support for its PayITfwd campaign.


PayITfwd is the telco’s latest social development initiative that hopes to reward community-based projects that enable learning.  Smart will help scale up these projects through technology.

It will provide a technology package that includes five tablets, Smart Bro Pocket Wi-fi, P3,000 worth of Smart Bro load, plus a grant of P50,000 to each of 10 best projects that will be chosen in the first round which runs until August 30, 2013.

In so doing, Smart hopes to widen the reach of the projects to benefit more people.  At the same time, it hopes to promote the culture of social good and encourage others to pay it forward by also doing something good for their community.

Smart has been supporting initiatives that promote nation-building and help improve lives of Filipinos.

Photos By Romel Parcon & Jonathan Clavel