I am very pleased to have my friend, Jose Telesforo L. Limbaga, write a guest article about birding and bird photography in Iloilo.  “Boy” Limbaga presently lives in New York City with his family. He makes it a point to come home to Iloilo City at least once a year. – Bob Kaufman

A Beginner’s Tale: Birding in Iloilo – Why Not?

By: Jose Telesforo L. Limbaga

I have been into point-and-shoot photography for years now, much like most people with similar cameras in hand. But birding? Well, as with all endeavors, it had to start somewhere. My interest in birds -the two-legged and feathered kind – developed when I was yet working with the Development Bank of the Philippines – Iloilo. My work involved inspection and appraisal of properties offered as collateral for loans and that included agricultural lands that were at times situated in the hinterlands of Iloilo…

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