Island Hopping


Ecotourism is defined as a responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and improves the welfare of the people, the demand for such is steadily growing and the trend is expected to increase over time.

Within the Tigum-Aganan Watershed Management Board (TAWMB) are four Upland Local Government Units (LGUs), namely: Municipalities of Leon, Alimodian, Maasin and Cabatuan, which are endowed with natural scenic spots such as waterfalls, caves, age old rock formations and springs, which have great potential for ecotourism sites. These sites have yet to be unveiled and may have a promising effect on local economic development here in Iloilo. Now that the sites have been identified, research and studies on whether the sites are suitable for ecotourism need to be determined

The LGUs, together with the local community based organizations (CBOs) have provided an initial list of the potential tourism sites, within the four LGUs:


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