World According to Carm

It was the ultimate test of human endurance–well,  at least for teeny-weenies with body like ours.What is this? A short account of our grand Leon adventure (just not to forget that bloody weekend).

After like hours walking downhill (from Sitio Tabyunan-little Baguio of Iloilo) we (namely Raymond, Ina, JC, Sam, Tantan and me) arrived at Brgy Camandag at around 7pm (Seriously, the small village looked like Atlantis from above) and their church (one of the many; first thing you’ll see in the entrance) was, well,  playing church music and it felt weird at first because were supposed to be in the middle of a vast mountain range, not in Miagao were they give you hourly buzz sounds (tolling of bells, some piano piece, what else) reminding you its already time to pray.

So to continue, we came there not knowing anybody and thanks (really) to Raymond, for one day, I…

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