Ilonggo filmmaker Peter Solis Nery talks about love… in time of the Bakunawa.

As told to Ronelo Ladiao. 

Ilonggo love story

Earlier in April 2012, Los Angeles-based Ilonggo polymath Peter Solis Nery (he insists he’s a Dumangasanon artist) came home to Iloilo to shoot his film, Gugma sa Panahon sang Bakunawa, a classic love story in Hiligaynon that touches on contemporary issues like literature and myth-making, economics and colorful local festivals, love and its modern-day complications.

From Western Visayas to Singapore 

On Sept.5, 4PM-8PM at Cinema 3 SM City Iloilo, writer-producer-director Peter Solis Nery returns to premiere his 2-hour obramaestra in Iloilo City, and tour it all over Western Visayas, before finally showing it in Singapore on September 9.

Shot in 6 days

Meanwhile, here is a short interview with the amazing Ilonggo director who made magic in six days:

Ronelo: You constantly amaze your critics and fans by endlessly…

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