They are oldies but goodies in tour-guiding. And they are never too old to be a guide.

Ilonggo elders are reliving glorious memories of their hometown as they embark on tour-guiding initiative of the City Government, Iloilo City Tourism and Development Office (ICTDO) and City Hall’s Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) in partnership with Iloilo Tour Guides Cooperative (I-Guides).

“OSCA Site Guides can serve significant roles in promotions of city tourism sites. They can be a good storytellers of a specific locations, ancestral houses, old buildings, heritage and culture with an authentic version of facts of their age,” stressed Ken P. Junsay of I-Guides.

“They have shared some trivias and we enjoyed listening to their observations during the actual tour scenario. They can still adopt and learn more since I-Guides have prepared official tour guiding spiels for heritage and other educational tours in the city,” Ken shared about their mock tour-guiding activity with the seniors.

At least 33 new “old” tour guides have finished three-day training in June.

“It was a very successful one and the first time we have the ‘oldies but goodies’ tour guides in the country today. They maybe over 60 but yet they are able to do the job of a tour-guide,” he exclaimed.

“It’s very heartwarming to have them in the fold of the city’s tourism sector. They are worth admiring and they performed very well. We can help promote more of city tourism aspects with new ideas of old guides,” Ken said.

In the coming days, the “senior” tour guides will be seen in most of heritage sites around the city tending to guests and visitors.

I-Guides is a group of tour guides in city and province who are trained and licensed by ICTDO and Department of Tourism regional office. Presently, there are 12 active tour guides in city who conduct tour guiding, trainings and seminars.