Carles Shangri-La Family Resort


Amid the sunsets and fun in the sun, there’s lots of things to do at the beach. In Carles, there’s the added attraction of island hopping among Carles’ many island municipalities. So what’s in store for the island hopper? Carles has several island municipalities, most of which have several beautiful rock formations and lovely beaches, all ready to view and take pictures of.

Go through the amazing beaches and sand bars along the Gigantes Islands. Both islands (Norte and Sur) have amazing beach spots and are mainly fishing villages. Take a dip at the Tangke, a salt water pool protected by steep cliffs and one of the attractions near the Gigantes Islands (translated: Giant Islands) in Carles, Iloilo. Gaze at the beautiful rock formations while taking a dip — and imagine yourself as the “pinakamagandang hayup sa balat ng lupa” or “the most beautiful in all the land”…

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