Water is one of the sources of life and one of substances that kill fire. But believe it or not, the town of Sta. Barbara in central Iloilo has been gaining attention because of its “burning” and, yes, drinking water the folks have been fetching on its “flaming” faucets.

The pressurized free-flowing water, when sparked by a match or lighter, catches a fire enough to light a cigarette. On instances, the water flows from the faucet with bubbles, and one only have to do proper timing to ignite it when the bubbles disappear, shared Ken Junsay of Iloilo Tour Guides Cooperative (I-Guides).

Ken said they are introducing the “flaming” faucet situated inside the campus of Sta. Barbara Central Elementary School (SBCES) as a point of interest to tourists and visitors.

Word of the mouth has it that “it is methane gas that causes poso water to burn.”

A check over…

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