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When one goes to Iloilo, the highlight is almost always the food and the night life. One can never get enough of all the food this place has to offer and one can also never get enough of all the dancing and partying and clubbing this place, particularly the Smallville complex, has to give.

But Iloilo, beyond its booming Metro and commercial feel, is first and foremost the City of Love.

For some, they see Iloilo just as a ‘gateway’ to Boracay or to Guimaras or to other romantic places in the Panay Island. But not known to many, just minutes away from the city proper hides a very surprising escape that they might actually think of considering spending a day or two at the Sol Y Mar beach resort and spare themselves with the usual beach experience and just have a refreshing escape instead.

Yes, Iloilo has its…

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