Pictures paint a thousand words… and they could touch a thousand hearts, too!

This is now the vision of 12,000-member Discover Panay Island (DPI) Facebook group as they train their foresights on photography with a cause with the wonders of social networks, online media and arts.

Cover Photo

DPI founder Hawili Hurom who is based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants the DPI members here and abroad to give something back to their hometown by helping fellow Ilonggos in need especially for the youth’s brighter future.

Thus, the birth of DPI’s Bulig sa Kabataan kag Katigulangan, a planned outreach program that aims to give books and school supplies, donate old clothes and conduct medical missions and feeding activities to prospective beneficiaries.

By sharing a little contribution and pooling resources, Hawili said DPI could ultimately set up a library for kids with donated books and magazines and framed photos of scenic spots…

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