The City Gallery at ground floor of seven-storey City Hall is now open to the public as tourist site.

“Another unique feature of our New City Hall green building is having its own gallery – this will strengthen our tourism programs in the City of Iloilo,” said Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog.

“The Ilonggos now have a place where they could bring their families, relatives, friends and visitors. A trip to city hall will bring them to the city gallery – a short glimpse of Iloilo City’s glorious past and rich cultural heritage found inside the building,” he stressed.

The City Gallery showcases Ilonggos’ good governance and cultural excellence highlighting the city’s awards, famed festivals, unique and creative arts and crafts, giant development projects, and a virtual tour of the metropolis long-standing legacy and vibrant future as Premier City by 2015.

“After which, they can have a trip to the roof deck where one could experience a magnificent view of Iloilo River and Guimaras Island. Mounted pictures of the city’s landscape indicate locations where one could find interesting places to see and visit in the city,” Mabilog added.

“This is my purpose to give the Ilonggos the opportunity to know who we are and what we are as a people,” the mayor said.

The City Gallery is an innovative initiative of Mabilog to promote Iloilo City’s noble past, creativity, industry and continuing achievements.

Mabilog said organized tours can start at the City Gallery to provide visitors a quick glimpse of what Iloilo City is all about.

The City Gallery is open free to the public during office hours Monday to Friday.