From the hinterlands of Panay and Negros to Asia, Middle East, Europe and Americas, there’s “no mountain high, valley low or river wide enough” for Ilongga traveling teacher Isabel Grace P. Villegas.

Transcending mountains and seas and cultural complexities, there’s no stopping nature lover Isabel Grace in reaching out to the needy and making a big difference to the lives of the less-fortunate by serving humanity with Godly love.

Her meaningful journey in touching others’ lives around the world began 13 years ago when Isabel Grace started working as an itinerant teacher of Balm of Gilead Learning Center, Inc.

Volunteer Tribal Teacher

During vacation time or semestral break, she volunteered as tribal teacher to Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Burma and Vietnam.

“Seeing the need of the underprivileged pushes me to think of organizing an NGO for this special purpose – no other motives but to simply respond…

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