The Oriental Express Iloilo is located in an amazing site in downtown Iloilo along corner Rizal and Mapa Street opposite the University of Iloilo.

The hotel responds to the surrounding site by identifying what luxury means in downtown Iloilo.

In such a busy and crowded area one looks for the luxury of space. Breathing space, private space, rest space. It is this luxury that the hotel delivers. This luxury of space is provided by the voids that punch through the building structure.

It provides each and every room with a window view of a vibrant city framed by terraced gardens. The hotel also expresses this luxury of space by providing a huge variety of views. This is done by using void spaces to articulate every floor of the hotel in varying ways.

With this articulation, the hotel twists and folds along varying axes and achieves an urban porosity seldom found in a typical monolithic structure.

One’s experience of the hotel starts with the view of a terraced garden.

As you enter through the towering lobby, you observe that the hustle and bustle of the city detaches and this gothic cathedral-like space envelops you.

Your rooms will offer clean lines and smart tones with good daylighting together with all the modern conveniences.

The view outside the window also offers a surprising view of the city framed by terraced greens.

The Oriental Express also offers you cafes and event spaces where you can enjoy the rest of your stay.

The distinction in the Oriental Express is not that you have all your needs met, but that you get what you don’t know you needed, a space that welcomes you and an environment that matches your urban lifestyle.

The Oriental Express is a chain of hotels that will recast the typical provincial hotel archetype.

This chain of business hotels will feature urban facilities and amenities that every businessman will look for.

Starting from the image and feel of the hotel, everything is designed to provide the weary traveller with a consistency and standard that he can and should expect.

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