Arianne and Arhel goes Blogging

We missed our flight. It was an outrageous morning, we left home at 6am for our 8:20am flight, C5 traffic was really bad and the airport parking areas were all full. We opted to leave our car in Park and Fly (Php 381/night), but still we weren’t able to reach our flight. We then decided to rebook our flight the following morning, good thing everything went well.

Iloilo airport is very nice. We expected to deplane through an airplane ladder, instead disembarking was through a tube. We headed to Tagbak Terminal as directed by our contact tourism officer, Joel Decano (contact number: 0918 468 5006). The taxi fare to the terminal costs Php 400.

Next ride is a van to Estancia, this costs Php 150/person. Its a non-aircon van, but we find the fresh air outside very refreshing. When we reached Estancia, we headed to the fishing port so we…

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