International Ilonggo lifestyle designer PJ Arañador pays tribute to his mom through the establishment of a resto that showcases and celebrates the rich culture of his hometown Iloilo City.

“We are opening this place in honor and in memory of my mother,” PJ stressed of his Wawa Heritage Restaurant in E. Lopez St., Jaro district.

Wawa is a homage to his mother who was called by her grandchildren such name because they could not pronounce the word “Lola.”

Newfound moms

PJ said he may have already lost his mom but nevertheless found several more mothers in the community of women beneficiaries of PLDT-Smart Amazing Gawad Kalinga (GK) Village in Sooc, Arevalo district.

Kitchen jobs

“Aside from being a place where they can sell their products both for home and fashion, Wawa can also give employment to some women who can work in the kitchen,” he added.

Food for one meal


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