What started out as a logo and poster of Panay Island drew more than ten of thousand netizens to take a closer look and dig deeper of the wonders of this beautiful tourism hotspot at the heart of Philippine Archipelago via Facebook.

Barely a little more than six-month, FB group Discover Panay Island (DPI) attracted close to 12,000 members who are having fun talking and sharing their experiences about the fascinating facts, cultural treasures, wonderful nature’s wealth, delicious foods, sweet people and tourist attractions of the place.

Panayanons worldwide have found a fitting virtual venue which became a fave hang-out and reunion for members to relive memories of their hometown, exciting escapades, captivating culture and lifestyle, and gastronomic treats.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-based DPI founder Hawili Hurom noted that Noy Flores conceptualized DPI logo and poster which was made public Nov. 25, 2011 as posted on FB page Hawili Hurom Photography.

“It’s from where I got the idea to put up the group site for Panay Island since my original page is solely devoted to Iloilo,” said the DPI boss who is fondly called Sir Hawili by DPI members.

DPI is a non-profit and non-political group of fun-loving Panayanons from all over the world whose primary objective is to showcase and promote the beauty of Panay and Guimaras islands, its people and its culture.

“We invite tourists both local and international to come and visit our cities, provinces, and its islands,” Hawili stressed.

DPI is also “where we can reunite with our long-lost friends and families, share stories and meet new friends.” It is open to all who believe in the beauty of the island and its people.

DPI has become a gallery of photos and posts that promote scenic spots of the island; local history, arts and culture; Panayanon food and cuisine,s flora and fauna; and resorts, hotels and restaurants and other business establishments.

It is also updated with official announcements made by tourism stakeholders promoting activities including festivals, parades, and cultural events.

DPI has served as a tourist guide and a traveler’s bird’s eye view of Panay Island wherein one may not need to go too far to have a fun experience but can start the joyful journey right at their fingertips – thanks to Facebook.