Rivers & Beyond ...

The Rio+20 Conference is discussion and decision-making  at the highest possible level to steer the focus of global efforts and funding resources. The Heads of State and Governments from around the world, along with thousands of representatives from the private sector, NGOs and other groups have convened in Rio de Janeiro to plan and strategize for sustainable development – a pressing issue given the increasing population pressures across the face of our planet.

Are Rivers Part of the Discussion at the Rio+20?

The answer is both yes and no. Rivers are already on the agenda at the Rio+20 Conference, only not talked about!

Rivers are at the heart of several of the critical issues being discussed in Rio de  Janeiro right now.  Sustainable development, water supply, disaster risk reduction, energy (as in hydropower), and food security. Each of these issues is intertwined with rivers and draws directly on the viability and health…

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