Nature’s spa prowess with the healing benefits of clays and hot spring take the spotlight in Mudpack Festival at Mambukal Resort in Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental in June.

Mudpack is a popular facial beauty regimen that is allowed to dry on skin before being removed.

In this age of spa, medical tourists and travelers alike would love to experience Mambukal’s distinct multi-colored clays which come in gray, red, orange, grayish yellow and black abundant in the area which are considered good for the skin.

Mudpack dancers soot their faces and bodies with clays to highlight environmental protection awareness.

The festivities kick off Saturday morning with competitions on poster making and mixed media art. The tribal dance and drum-beating take place in the afternoon. The band and dance party heat up the night.

On Sunday, installation art contest kicks off in the morning while competitions on solo dance improvisation and body painting take center…

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