Netizens share their wonderful wanderlust experiences of Iloilo City.

They were abuzz with the metropolis’ glorious past and vibrant future as they recount stories and postscripts of making a city and Iloilo’s emergence as urban center of the future.

Their own accounts make Iloilo City No. 1 in Top Cities in the Philippines favorite list of online poll website

Iloilo City more than just fun!

One commenter likes the Ilonggo culture and heritage – it all started here. “People are the gems and the places the treasures. The old world meets the new seamlessly. The pace is on correct and high gear. No worries, no hurries. The speed is just right to see a spectacular view of city living. Enjoy Iloilo City – it’s more than just fun.”

Sweet people, delicious foods

“No other city in the Philippines is as sweet as Iloilo. It is the home of the most-friendly people in the planet. The varieties of foods in the city are among the most delicious in the planet, too. A complete package of fun people plus great food! The city is a cultural heritage of the country! No other place where your heart belongs,” another agrees.

“A well-balanced city with sweet but driven people and better political leaders and peace officers I guess. Good for companies looking for areas to expand or invest and for simple-raising of a family. Yes, the best all-around city for me,” another one states.

City of fusion

Iloilo is the fusion of progress of the Philippines’ past and in the future. One of the best places to live in the world boasting good governance, sustainable environment, economically progressive, a university town, and home of world-class citizens, one netizen assesses.

“Simply a nice a place to live where there is balance of cost and quality of shopping goods, food supplies and even educational institutions,” one adds.

“With most higher education institutions per capita outside of Metro Manila – go around the world and you’ll find seamen and nurses from Iloilo City colleges and universities,” another affirms.

Charm & warm

“Iloilo is very famous for its laid back charm with stately mansions, majestic century-old churches and unsoiled countryside. Most of its people are very warm and accommodating,” one shares.

“Most Ilonggos are thoughtful, loving and caring – even though they are already mad –but still they are sweet. Pag kayo’y babakasyon sa Iloilo siguradong hahanap-hanapin at babalik balikan mo pa (if you’ve been to Iloilo, you’ll come back for more),” another one tells.


“Simply, one of the best places for vacation – Iloilo is clean and tourist-friendly. The city is rich in culture with the highest concentration of heritage buildings – next to Manila. In Iloilo, you own your time – it can be as fast or as slow as you want – depending on your mood. Hoping to return to this great Visayan city soon,” one recalls.

Home is where the heart is

“I am an Ilonggo-Batangueno but I left my heart in Iloilo, my mother’s place. Come to Iloilo and discover the wonders and Ilonggo’s way of living peacefully and harmoniously,” one encourages.

“I was born from North but with wide-open arms I embrace and consider Iloilo City is my second homeland! Truly, people over there are so sweet! Mostly are very well educated! Dreaming of someday on my retiring years, Iloilo, you’ll be my home sweet home,” another one proposes.

Simple yet fulfilling

“Iloilo is a small, one of the oldest and simple city. You can tour all around the city for a day and most of structures that you’ll see are schools, ancestral houses, old architectural buildings and historical churches. Ilonggos value history, education and religion. Not to mention the delectable foods that you’ll enjoy along the streets,” one traveler speaks out.

“I love Iloilo because the life is so simple, laid-back, and serene but fulfilling. You don’t need a lot of money in visiting Iloilo. But you’ll enjoy the company of Ilonggos,” one visitor affirms.

Good find

“There are numerous places to hang-out – even the ones that are basically unknown could turn out to be a good find. If you want a laid back life, you can definitely count on Iloilo to give you that,” one reveals.

Bank in every block

“Nothing compares to my city! Good food, good people. Anywhere you go there’s bank everywhere. It’s impossible you won’t see any bank in every block! It means money is coming in,” one notes.

“Iloilo City’s rich cultural background, stable and self-sufficient economy – coupled with the malambing, low-profile and unassuming Ilonggos – make it an ideal place to live or visit. The ‘original’ Queen City of the South is now striking back to regain the stature and recognitions the city enjoyed in the past.

Right track

Ilonggos prefer a simple life yet sustainable living rather than splurge and always aim for the limelight. The city is contented with its slow-paced development – however, investments are pouring in – which would ensure financial and tourism industry competitiveness in the years to come. The city is on the right track in achieving its vision to be The Premier City in 2015,” one foresees.

“Life is simple yet Iloilo City also offers nightlife for those who love clubbing. There are also a number of restaurants offering international cuisines. Iloilo used to be the trade city during the Spanish occupancy – an old glory.

Rising city

Now, Iloilo is starting to rise once again and hopefully with a lot of catching up and hard work in making the city clean, improving plazas to be pleasant and safe for families to hang out, building more roads to accommodate the growing number of vehicles, and having more companies investing,” another one envisions.

“There is a kind of conspicuous awareness and motivating drive for a people-friendly governance that are sweeping the landscape of this city. Leaders are singing in perfect harmony with the symphony of good governance and Ilonggos are aware of this,” one declares.

“The Queen City of the South is re-emergent! Iloilo has all the ingredients, location, resources, and especially the people – everything needed to achieve full potential. Hopefully, strong leadership with no self-interest but the vision and political will to realize it will propel Iloilo to greatness once again,” another one avows.