The Iloilo River has been the lifeline of Iloilo City, serving as an anchor for human settlements for centuries, according to Rivers of the World (ROW) Foundation, a US-and-India-based global group dedicated to restoring and protecting rivers and streams.

“A key ingredient to keeping the river waters clean is raising community awareness – a task that has been shaping creative initiatives under the leadership of current mayor of Iloilo City, Jed Patrick Mabilog,” stressed ROW communications director Rajita Majumdar.

Today the centrally located city has become a thriving center for businesses and industries and a major tourism gateway to gorgeous beaches of Boracay Island. Iloilo is often called the “Queen City of the South” by Filipinos, she added.

Showcase of Thriving Urban Biodiversity

“With an integrated river management plan in place, the city is now moving ambitiously on a grand vision to tap into the economic potential of Iloilo River…

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