Dinagyang Festival helped boost the business climate of Iloilo City, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Dinagyang is cited as one of the best practices in managing cities, particularly in “effective public-private partnership.” The citation is contained in ADB’s book entitled “Managing Cities in Asia” published in 2006.

“Dinagyang continues to provide enormous benefits to Iloilo by showcasing the Ilonggo’s culture of excellence and unifying the community to work for the common good,” the ADB book stated.

Dinagyang particularly established “workable partnership” among the City Hall, government agencies, San Jose Parish church and private sector-led Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Inc. (IDFI).

It also involves a multi-stakeholder participation of large corporations, civic organizations, civil society, youth, professionals and the media.

The city’s grandest fiesta was also hailed for its hospitality to guests foreign and domestic alike.

“Dinagyang has been creating goodwill for the city by providing entertainment to tourists and visitors resulting in the doubling of tourist arrivals for the past three years as well as promoting international friendship by having foreign dignitaries as special guests.”

“Over the long-term, the Dinagyang has created more jobs, increased income for the business sector and accelerated investments,” ADB stressed.

Dinagyang basically means fully-booked hotels and other accommodation facilities, increased sales from small vendors to large business establishments as well as its “multiplier effect” to related industries and heightened promotions of giant companies.

Dinagyang has become a medium for the local arts community to exhibit their talents and gain recognition.

Dinagyang’s “social artistry” was proven after the United Nations supported the festival to promote the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to alleviate poverty.

“It has also instilled the value of discipline among members of the community who exert effort to keep Iloilo City very livable by maintaining cleanliness and continuous greening of the environment.”

Dinagyang success is due to its extensive promotions, larger community participation, greater global exposure and improved reporting mechanism while the city government provides financial assistance and support services like police, health and sanitation. 

This modified story first appeared in The Guardian Iloilo Dec. 22, 2006