Jet Alcantara was not my first choice for the role of Emilio. But only because I was pretty sure that I couldn’t afford him.

The role of Emilio, even if very vital to the story, is rather short. He only appears in four or five scenes. But the demands of the role are great. For example, I want some butt exposure a la Brad Pitt in Achilles’ love scene in “Troy.”

My week-long search after the third model backed out of the project led to Jet’s Facebook account, which has photos of him as Jesus Christ, Pygmalion, and Vampire Prince.

I was awed by what I saw. And because I already had quite an experience interviewing and auditioning models and actors online for the role of Emilio, I boldly messaged Jet via Facebook.

I even aggressively gave the link of the story about my script being a finalist at the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Sineng Pambansa, and the link to my website, just to reassure him.

Long story short, he asked for the script, and fell in love with my story. I did little to justify the butt exposure. He believed in the “flawlessness” of the story so he was easily sold to the idea.

Jet Alcantara is not cheap, but he is definitely worth it. I seriously believe that he will bring the film to a different level. In fact, I am so in awe of Jet’s discipline and generosity that I might want him for the lead of my next project.

If FDCP needs a poster boy for its regional and national emergent cinema, Jet is definitely my bet!

Peter Solis Nery

Photo credits: Ronelo Ladiao