Nothing beats Boracay’s whitesand or the lively party paradise?


BORACAY Island – The powdery white sand on the 3-km beachfront of this resort island does not only bring in tourists, but also used to provide a source of income for locals.

But now that kind of livelihood out of the golden sandcastles were all gone and their talented makers nowhere to be found on the shores.

Gezer Gado, (then 14, now 20) was among the hardworking residents of this island who viewed Boracay sand as gold and made sand castles to earn. Gezer started with the simple “Lantern in the Sand” till he finished off with complex castles out of sand.

Tourists who wanted to have their photos taken beside the sandcastles simply have to drop any amount, including US dollars, into a small can that the maker positioned beside his masterpiece.

“It was selling and I was happy that I had a source of money. I could earn…

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