An Ilonggo veteran retold marching to death during World War II.


An Ilonggo veteran was a prisoner of war. Worse, he was forced as gravedigger. That was his ordeal 70 years ago at a young age of 17. Now, he’s 88 but vividly remembers the nightmares. It takes a lot of courage to tell his story. Read on.

O’Donnell concentration camp through the eyes of a POW

By Ricardo G. Hechanova
Inquirer News Service / Apr. 8, 2003

(The author, an engineer, was a technical sergeant of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Regular Division, of the Philippine Army. He is also historian of the Sixth Military District.)

Burial grounds

I was a prisoner of war in the Camp O’Donnell Japanese concentration camp in Capas, Tarlac.

I was assigned to the GR & BS — the Grave Registration and Burial Service — a gruesome assignment of which I was the officer in charge.

I had to lay out the plots…

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