The Priceless Fountain heats up the big screen this summer!


Up and coming TV star Priscilla Fontana is one more proof that I take care of the people that have come under my care. I have always been a popular teacher, and I do maintain a good relationship with my students even when they have already gone their own ways.


I gave Priscilla her first acting workshop in May 2010. It was also the first acting workshop I gave in Manila. Out of that workshop, also came Jeffrey Dolotina (who starred in my yet to be released 42-minute short film “Dumangas 2010”), and current gay indie favorite Anton Nolasco.


I saw a great potential in Priscilla early on, but my first project wasn’t to be with her. Still, I reassured her that when the project and the time are right, I would keep her in mind. I still think that Priscilla is a little too white-skinned for the role…

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