It’s Fi(e)s(h)-ta time in Tibiao!


Tired of the busy city life?

Take your feet down south of Iloilo and experience the adrenaline rush at Tibiao, the once sleepy town but now the Adventure Capital of Antique!

This latest rev up and soothing experience is the brainchild of the Tibiao Fish Spa Co. and Katahum Tours flagship Yuhum (Smile) Tibiao! – a fascinating fusion of nature, adventure, culture and history time travel and tourism.

To electrify your excitement, here comes a fish spa(mazing) and fish spa(scinating) invigorating treat for the exhausted traveler.

The Tibiao Fish Spa Co. is offering the most affordable fish spa in the world – the rates range from PhP20 for first 10 minutes plus PhP2 per minute thereafter – and discounted rates for students at PhP10 for first 10 minutes and PhP1 per minute thereafter. The spa services open from 8am-10pm.

Tibiao Fish Spa utilizes live conditioned local fishes to exfoliate, rejuvenate…

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