Iloilo River shining in global environmental spotlight!


“Years ago, reviving our river seemed like an impossible dream. Today we have learned how much can be done, if we all learn from each other.”

This is the battlecry of the 1st Philippine International River Summit which will kick off in Iloilo City on May 30-June 1, 2012.

Themed “My Rive, My Life,” the summit will showcase development projects being implemented in the waterway at the heart of the city including the ongoing multi-million Esplanade construction, dredging and relocation of informal settlers along the riverbank, among others.

“The recognitions for Iloilo River are a manifestation that we the Ilonggos should take good care of our river. It has given our ancestors life, it is giving us life, it will give life to our children, and our children’s children. We are blessed to have the abundance of the river. All we have to do is to rehabilitate, preserve and…

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