San Joaquin Church in southern Iloilo province has been found as one of the unseen Asia’s 25 most overlooked destinations.

“In a province crammed with Spanish colonial monuments, you’d hardly think that a little church tucked away in a sleepy town would cause a stir. Wrong,” CNN Go! discovered the historic church as one of the “tourist stunners.”

“The little-known San Joaquin Church in the Filipino province of Iloilo is a shocker. Instead of limestone bricks and Virgin Marys, its bass relief disquietingly depicts a bloody battle scene, complete with rifle action and men jostled off horses,” the travel and lifestyle website revealed.

The only church in the Philippines with a “military theme,” the San Joaquin Church was erected in 1869 to commemorate how the Spanish thrashed the Moors in the Battle of Tetuan, CNN Go! disclosed.

The church stands in the seaside town of Iloilo, which has one of the most gorgeous sea coasts in the Visayas, CNN Go! cited.

A flight from Manila to Iloilo takes an hour and most of the province’s destinations are accessible with a wonderful Jeepney ride.