Enchanting and Mystical Carles!

Live today. Lagaw tomorrow. Capture the moment.


Be where the birds fly higher and where the sun shines brighter… grab your sandals and head to Carles.


Carles, Iloilo 2010  

Carles is located at the northernmost part of the province of Iloilo in the Philippines. It is  literally unexplored territory even for the locals. It is blessed with incredible natural beauty – white sand beaches, amazing rock formations, and diverse marine life. Each island has a different character from another. It never ceases to amaze ones senses. The travel time (3.5 hour bus ride & 1 hour boat ride) is well worth the trip.

If taking a bus, it is best to stay for the night as the last bus trip for Iloilo City is at 3pm. Take a Leganes-bound jeepney and get off at Tagbak Terminal in Jaro. Ceres Liner has regular trips to Carles starting from 330am and every one and a half/two hours thereafter. Be sure to check the schedule ahead of…

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