Angry birds… err trikes!


An eye-catching king of the road will soon invade Iloilo City streets.

The sporty and futuristic feel of trikes (popularly known as tricycle) is the brainchild of Abella Transport Manufacturing Industries situated at Quezon Street in Arevalo district.

Abella’s “Sidecar Body for Motorcycle” grabbed a runner up spot in the Regional Invention Contest and Exhibit (RICE) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST6) held at Amigo Plaza Mall here Oct. 21.

Originally designed and built in Iloilo, the new generation trikes are envisioned as an environment-friendly income-generating mode of transportation.

“Imagine an electric version of these… little steps on smokey air no more for the Philippines! Superb livelihood project for the poor from the radically designed small transport three-wheeled vehicle,” said Vince Abella on his Facebook.

The wonders of technology proved amazing as the trikes of the future have generated a lot of interest from hundreds to thousand of…

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