What’s in a car? C – classy!  A – attractive! R – resplendent!

No wonder men – even the bachelor president – go loco over cars! Coming in various styles, shapes, sizes and colors, a car has never failed to mesmerize the male species over time.

Nowadays, cars are more than just a vehicle that can take you further to your destination, it has also become a status symbol – it’s not just a necessity – it’s a luxury!

The significance of the car more than just a means of transportation has already gone a long way. For the good guys, the car embodies self-fulfillment and achievement. For the tough guys, the car exemplifies sex appeal and machismo.

Two Ilonggo car enthusiasts share their love for their “sexy” or powerful cars that hit them big time!

Ernie Gavieta bought his Honda Civic for leisure every time he spends his vacation at home.

Working as a second engineer on-board a foreign commercial vessel, Gavieta says “having a nice car makes me feel proud.” His car is his passion whenever he goes home from abroad.

“It is very important to me because I live 29 kilometers away from the city and without it, I feel uncomfortable! It also symbolizes my being ‘me’…my true personality,” he shares.

Christian Morgan Aquino, another car lover, echoes Gavieta’s value of the vehicle, saying “it is a representation of me.”


For the love of cars, both Gavieta and Aquino took their prized possessions into higher level by joining and getting hook on car shows – an avenue where they could display their assets, have fun and inspire others.

“My cousin encouraged me to modify my car. First, it was only for accessories. In 2010, I installed a sound system – a powerful sub-woofer! In August, I decided to join ‘streetwave’ were I won first place which hooked me to join this year’s car show!” Gavieta enthuses.

Modifying a car is no joke as it entails a lot of expenses. Gavieta exclaims: “My sound system which I spent almost P350,000 took two months to finish!”

For his part, Aquino says he was invited by car specialist Audiotech and has since then been enticed with annual car shows even in Manila. “I initially wanted to just watch and take a closer look at the cars of participants. But then I decided to give it a try and now I am always joining this event.”

Aquino repackaged his 2008 Honda Civic FD into a high-tune worth including P120,000 for sound system, P50,000 for body kit and P70,000 for magwheels, through the modification suggestions of his friend Herbert Dayonot. 

“It’s nice that people acknowledge you for having a nice car, particularly if you work in an automobile industry,” Aquino says, referring to his career as an executive for a bank auto-loan in Iloilo City.

Meanwhile, Gavieta says “since I was young, I really love modified cars and jeepneys which inspired me most to work hard to have my own car to tinker with.”


“I never regret spending huge amount for my cars because my family and friends are very happy with them. I’m happy seeing them pleased and for that I’m 100 % satisfied!” Gavieta affirms.

He considers the car’s rims that make it “sexy” and powerful. “I take good care of my car same as I take good care of myself,” he says.

For Aquino, he considers his car “sexy” because “I like fast things, anything that goes fast. Even if you have reinforced the engine, color and looks of your car, you have to preserve the comfort that it gives.”

Caring for his car means having it washed twice a week, undergoing an over-all check and changing its oil once every three months.

A car is also one of man’s best friends, together with his woman. “Behind every man is a car. With a woman, basically they’re the same – both are fun,” Aquino quips.

“There’s not much of a difference between a car and a woman. What matters is that, a car attracts a woman,” Gavieta opines.

There’s even a perception that guys with flashy cars and drives fast are arrogant and shouldn’t be trusted by women. But that remains to be given another closer look.

Both guys enjoy the adrenaline rush of car racing though it’s a risky experience sometimes.

Sharing their thoughts about the president sporting a Porsche and then a bullet-proof Lexus which recently grabbed the headlines, Gavieta and Aquino see these cars are just fit for a king.

“If I were a president I would get a Ferrari. It’s good getting those cars, whatever makes him happy,” says Aquino.

“There’s nothing wrong with that as long he use his own money in buying it, not with the people’s money,” Gavieta adds.


Indeed, cars are more than just for a show – it’s the safety concern that comes first.

“Be careful always and think of other motorists. Most importantly, don’t text while driving,” Aquino advises.

“Always wear safety belt and have your eyes on the road – focus,” echoes Gavieta.

For guys out there, take the cue from Ernie and Christian – two guys with the love for style and speed but still being responsible drivers.

And as they constantly say, always drive safely!

(This story first appeared in Mezzo Magazine February 2011)