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Everyday should be Fire Prevention Month.

March raises the observance of fire prevention as the public is being reminded for the nth time to stay alert and take extra precautions yet practical measures to keep safe from untoward incident and accident.

The risks of fire are always in our midst, in our daily routine, in short, we live with it. These are always existent and present in our homes, schools or offices as well as public places of convergence.

Thus, prevention is always better than cure. Let us always prepare for our safety by making a habit fire prevention tips and preparedness.

Fire experts always vow for a thorough check of all electric wiring systems, outlets and appliances given that faulty electrical wiring system or short circuits are usually blamed for the cause of conflagration. There’s a warning against octopus connections, and as usual unplugging of appliances when not in use.

When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Smoking is extremely dangerous as it may cause fire. So don’t smoke in a room and dispose cigarette butts properly by putting it off first before throwing into a trash bin.

Candles and lighted mosquito coils should also be handled with extra care away from flammable materials such as curtains and should not be left unattended.

Let us not forget these safety reminders. Let us embrace these sound precautions as part of our daily life.

This year’s theme “Makiisa, Makialam, at Makipagtulungan Upang Sunog ay Maiwasan,” calls for cooperation, participation and working together to prevent the threats of fire.

Let us join the highlight activities and help spread information and dissemination campaign in our communities and support the conduct of fire drills and rescue olympics. Don’t play with fire but be prepared because it strikes anytime.

Public vigilance is what we need these times of uncertainties. Let us observe Fire Prevention Month everyday!

(News Express Editorial March 8-11, 2012)