Leaving Everything on the Open

The day February 6, 2012 marked as a day that a 6.9 magnitude earthquake shook the Philippine community that happened to hit a big portion in between of Negros and some parts of Cebu, which the aftershocks continued until the mid hours of the evening. People where praying just to be fine, schools where all suspended as well some jobs was called for the day other daily jobs closed earlier than regular scheduled, as video virally popped out in youtube and facebook about panic on the streets people running for home to have heard a Tsunami was heading for Negros and Cebu. The Visayas was on an uproar because of this Calamity, and people all over the Philippines was all-eyes set on this natural disaster.

But when all became calm thus comes in a major uproar on the web, a woman by the name ‘Achee Flores‘ startlted people…

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