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An amazing holy experience of agriculture, leisure and pilgrimage is now sizzling in Southern Iloilo in the once-sleepy town of San Joaquin.

Soul-searching will be more fun at GarinFarm at Brgy. Huna, a wholesome and holistic 14-hectare inland resort that boasts of “superb amenities of individually landscaped glass-walled rooms with breathtaking view of ocean and mountains, wide swimming pool for adults and children, 5,000 sq-meter man-made hill-top lagoon for boat rides, sporty fishing and kayaking, terrains for horseback riding and ATV rides, among many others.”

Hit the adventure with 300-meter zip line overlooking the horizon where mountain meets the sea.

Take a break from the fun-filled thrills and “find peace and solace by getting in touch with your spiritual side.”

There’s a “perfect place for deep reflection at the 101-foot Divine Mercy Cross situated at the 61-meter peak of the resort.”

“Walk through 456 steps to see the uplifting view and to savor the spot’s tranquility with its life-size statues depicting The Creation, Noah’s Ark, The Ten Commandments, and The 9 Major Events in The Life of Jesus speckled in the area as you rise to the peak.”

The almost a decade-in-the-making works-of-art have been carefully-crafted by local artists and workers.

With an entrance fee of P150, you can learn from an enlightening educational tour of the Agricultural area and travel back to biblical times in a wonderful journey through the Pilgrimage site.

Relax and feel-at-home in the white-built structures designed in contrast with the lush green of the farm’s natural foliage. The elevated rooms give more privacy and exclusivity with minimalist interiors blending with the surrounding flora.

Each room has private garden ranging from tropical, Japanese, modern to Mexican, bringing to life the essence of communing with nature beauty-at-its-best viewed from stunning scenery all day and night.

The P3,500-Family Room comes as the biggest with one king-sized bed and one single-bed enough for 2 to 4 persons.

The P 2,500-Twin Room is a regular sized room with 1 double-bed, good for 2 persons.

The P 1,500-Single Room is ideal for the solo traveler with its single bed.

All rooms are fully-furnished with television, water heater, and air-condition.

For inquiries, please get in touch thru mobile +63 033 314 -75- 55
and +63 915- 9903234 or via e-mail garinfarm@ymail.com.

Photo credits: http://www.facebook.com/GarinFarmInlandResort